Tuesday, June 5, 2012

In Dire Need of Recipes

I'm reaching out to my blogger friends for some ideas for yummy, but healthy meal ideas.

I'm finding that I eat better when my meals are planned {e.g. packing my lunch/mini meals for work rather than trying to eat well at our buffet - no willpower!} and have been doing very well during the work week. BUT that is all ruined when I'm running from a work meeting to get to daycare in time to pick up little man and then I find myself heading home with nothing planned for dinner. As a result, the hubby and I sit around and talk about what we should eat and before we know it it's 8:30pm and we quickly throw something together to appease our growling stomachs.

If you have any healthy recipes that don't involve fish {I hate it, therefore, my hubby doesn't get to eat it at home} and aren't crazy hard to make / take a long time to cook, then post them here! I really want to try some new things and for the sake of my marriage, I think I need to expand my cooking expertise beyond noodles/marinara and grilled chicken.

I'm really hoping I get some great ideas...I know you guys are reading this bad boy, but I rarely hear from you.....and your comments are welcome! :)


  1. I am all over this, I have some really good recipes!! Give me a few days to compile a Mini cookbook for you. I will have you wearing an apron in no time!!

  2. Easy to make salad and delicious. Barbara

    Broccoli Slaw

    1 package Broccoli Slaw
    1 package Broccoli florets – already cut up
    1 tsp. fresh dill – can use dried or fresh
    1 bunch of green onions – chopped
    2-3 handfuls of dry roasted nuts
    ½ btl of 16 oz. slaw dressing or to taste – preferably Marzetti
    3 tbsp sugar
    2-3 handfuls of chow mein noodles

    Combine all ingredients together.
    Can put everything together ahead of time except noodles, peanuts and dressing which should be added right before serving

  3. Morgan- I want a copy of that mini cookbook :)



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