Thursday, June 21, 2012

Father's Day Fun

We started off Nick's first Father's Day at the Divot's Lodge & Hotel in Norfolk, NE, following his cousin's wedding the night before. Definitely not glamorous, but it served as Cruzer's first hotel stay and he did so well, albeit for the loud cooing around 5:30am.

Cruz and I woke up early and went downstairs so the hubby could sleep in. We walked around the property and then fixed up a plate of The Lodge's finest breakfast fare to bring back upstairs. I got little man changed into his special onesie and we set out his daddy's breakfast and gifts and proceeded to wake him up!

Little man hooked his daddy up with a College World Series dri-fit, tickets to the pavilion tent with his dad and brothers and a special pasta bowl Cruz hand-made created with love with his handprint and foot prints. I absolutely LOVED how it turned out...and so did his the hubby.

"Daddy, I love you like a fat kid loves cake!"

Daddy's pasta bowl...from Daddy's Little Meatball
(love that baby hand)

Foot prints!
We drove back to Omaha (not after a detour to another breakfast joint...guess daddy didn't love The Lodge breakfast) and quickly got ourselves unpacked and then packed back up for an afternoon at the College World Series downtown. I personally LOVE this time of year and under normal circumstances would be tailgating with the best of them, but I have to say this year was even more fun than I've had before...seeing Nick in his element with his baby boy. It's a blast celebrating all of Cruzer's "firsts" together.

After spending a couple hours in the Pavilion tent watching one of the games, Nick and I packed up little man and just walked around stadium. We swung by and finally found a hat that fit...even though it was USC...and then met up with Ross, Kyle and Kirk at the Matt Factory tent. 

Nanu and his grandbabies: Cruz, Dom & Sicily

Cruz & grand uncle Kirk

Our USC fan (or maybe it was the only hat in his size!) and uncle Kyle

Love, love, love the extra large baseball mitt!

Based on our conversation when we were headed home, I have to say that the hubby had a great first Father's Day. And I just absolutely love spending time with our little family!

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