Saturday, November 5, 2011

Two Weeks....14 Days...336 Hours...20,160 Minutes...

On Monday we will officially be two weeks....TWO WEEKS....away from our due date and most importantly lil Mango's arrival! I am literally freaking out....because I'm extremely excited, anxious, happy, name it, I'm feeling a ton of emotions these days.

In a few short weeks (or potentially days), I'm going to be a mom. Nick & I are going to be parents and have a child of our own. It's still surreal, but yet so real because each and every day I continue to feel closer to d-day.

Are we prepared? Do we have everything we need to take care of Cruz in the first few days, weeks and months? Our moms are planning to spend some time during the first few weeks with us, but what happens when it's just Nick & I....will we do a good job and be able to provide everything the baby needs?

On the other hand, I feel extremely prepared. We have been so blessed to receive amazing gifts from our family and friends. I feel as though everything we may need immediately has been put together and is in it's place.

I'm planning to take 8 weeks off of work. I have been doing all I can to get prepared for my departure, but there are constantly projects that come up that need my focus. I've been meeting weekly with my managers to make sure they have everything they need while I'm out. I'm planning to stay on top of my emails while I'm out which will help me stay in the loop, but none of this is the same as being at work in meetings with my co-workers. But what happens when 8 weeks is up and I want more time with little man?

There is just so much going through my head. So much excitement. This is one of the biggest things we've done in our lives - I cannot wait for everything Cruz's arrival brings!!

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