Thursday, November 10, 2011

Diet: Epic Fail

Prepare to be amazed....that is by how totally disgusting my diet was today. I'm almost embarassed to share this, but I'm going to and all I ask in return is that you don't judge me. In my pregnant and ready to pop state, I'm obviously not thinking clearly.

8am - egg white omelet w/ ham & green pepper; bagel with cream cheese from Le Peep
We got up early to get Nick to the Thursday morning poker game, but it filled before we left the house, so we headed to breakfast at our new favorite spot.

Noon - grilled cheese sandwich & a pickle from JB's Cafe
I had a lunch meeting with a new employee and I've been loving me some grilled cheese sandwiches lately.

2pm - fun size Snickers and Milky Way
These little suckers were sitting on a co-workers desk all day, staring me in the face every time I walked by his office. I couldn't resist some sweets after lunch!

4pm - handful candy corn
On my way over to Harrah's, I snuck a handful of these bad boys from our executive admin's desk.

6pm - chewy sprees
I stole this small bag of sprees from Nick the other day and they were sitting on my desk, evidently I HAD to eat them prior to our focus groups tonight at work.

9pm - cheeseburger & fries from Mickey D's (Nick cooked!)
I was starving (for some real food) after work tonight, so Nick swung by the drive thru to pick up this quality dinner....which I ate at 9pm....which means it's just going to sit in my stomach all night....awesome....

10pm - chocolate covered strawberry from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
Of course, I had to have something sweet after all of the salty if I didn't have enough earlier today.

As embarrassing as this is to type, it's good for me to look this over and realize that I absolutely cannot eat like this ever again. Most importantly, I need to reel myself in soon so I can make sure that after Lil Mango arrives, I can get my diet back in check and get to workin on my fitness!

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  1. Hey, I am actually going to turn this into a positive thing. You have been such an inspiration with your diet throughout the past 9 months, you deserve ONE day of splurging. And you need it to help realize where you really want to be. So, I am proud of you!!!



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