Monday, November 7, 2011

38 Weeks: What's New...

Due date: TWO WEEKS until the baby is due - November 21st - can't believe it!

Weight gain: 1lb (19 pounds total pregnancy)

Baby developments: Lil Mango is the size of a watermelon (it sure feels like it!) - he is approximately 6.8 pounds and over 19 1/2 inches long. He has a firm grasp, which we will soon be able to test when we hold his hand for the first time. His organs have matured and are now ready for life outside the womb.

We had our weekly update today with Dr. McTaggart and I'm glad I didn't have Nick come along - he was planning on it but had a couple things to get done before we headed out to celebrate his birthday, so I headed down. All went fine at the appointment, I'm measuring lower than last week, which I can definitely feel and it just means that baby is continuing on his descent. Prior to the pelvic exam I told the doctor that I was hoping to be dilated more than 1cm, however, that wasn't the case - but she did tell me that she could feel his head more than last week (weird, I know). Now here comes the worst part (I apologize if TMI), she left the room to let me get dressed and as soon as I got up, I was leaking blood everywhere. I quickly called the nurse in and she just told me that happens to preggos sometimes after pelvic exams. The bleeding is finally subsiding now....10 hours later.

Cravings: Diet Mt Dew is back in a bad way...and I'm even being high mainenance and only craving it as fountain pop. Boost Protein and a banana or apple has taken the place of my Starbucks from a few months back, plus I feel much better now than I did when a venti Starbucks was my breakfast. And Post Blueberry Morning cereal with skim is another favorite of mine these days.

Aversions: none to note (therefore, note the continued weight gain!)

Symptoms: I can definitely feel that I'm at the end of my pregnancy where everything is becoming sore. My lower back aches, I've got cramping in my lower abdomen, I'm peeing all the time, it's difficult to get comfortable when I sleep, baby is constantly lodging his foot in my rib name it. At this point, I'm really uncomfortable and I would be happy if Lil Mango made his appearance any time now.

Sleep: even though I'm more uncomfortable when I sleep, I still have been getting relatively good sleep. I am up earlier than normal, but that is also because I've been going to bed earlier than normal.

I am loving: the fact that I'm in nesting mode these days....constantly tidying the house, in and out of the nursery picking up and rearranging things, doing dishes and laundry....anything to keep me busy.

I am looking forward to: plain and simple....I cannot wait to meet Cruz. I cannot wait for the day he is born and to hold him for the first time. It's so exciting!

I'm spazzing about: how we are going to figure out how to raise this little guy. I was at a baby shower on Sunday with two little babies and watched their mom try to figure out why they were crying....she had changed them, fed them and they wouldn't stop....I get worried we won't know what to do....but I guess we will figure it out just like all parents before us have figured it out.

Best moment this week: today is Nick's 30th birthday...he is finally as old as me again for the next six months - we had a great day at lunch with Marc & Britt, shopping (for him only....I didn't buy one thing for myself!) and now we are in the middle of movie night.

We also had our Angels Among Us fall gala on Friday night - I was a co-chair of the event and have been working on it for the past few months. It was a ton of work, especially the past couple of weeks. On Friday we were at the venue early to get everything set up and then after running around at the event Friday night I was exhausted. Honestly at that point I felt as though I could've given birth once the event was over and been fine with it!

Movement: Cruz has been quite active and moving his limbs simultaneously - it feels as though he's kicking my right rib cage and punching my lower left abdomen. Not only that, but his head seems to be resting right on my bladder, which is quite uncomfortable when said bladder is full and feels as though it could burst at any time.

Milestones: 14 days left (or hopefully less) before Lil Mango is here!

It's a...: boy

Exercise: non-existent. I feel so lazy and wish I was were exercising or able to exercise without getting so tired. My only exercise consists of running errands and walking aimlessly around the many stores in Omaha or on the casino floor at work.

Diet: has not been great either. I find myself trying and then falling off the wagon. This combined with not exercising has to be a major reason for the weight gain the past two weeks.

Goals for the upcoming week: I would LOVE to have this baby this week - now that he is fully developed, I feel it's safe to make this wish. Plus, I REALLY don't want to work our slot tournament the weekend of the 17th....

Belly shot:

38 Week Belly Bump

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