Friday, November 11, 2011

Puggle Birthday: Five Years!

Five years ago today, our Maya Lou was born and a few months later she came into our lives. I can remember the first time I saw her at the pet store and had to have them take her out of her kennel to play. They had discounted her because she was three months old and no one had bought her yet. Later that week, after talking about her nonstop, I finally convinced Nick to pay her a visit.

We sat in the play area and they brought her in...she was scared. Immediately she peed in the corner, but then started to become a bit more comfortable - or at least we thought. Shortly after she pooped....I thought Nick was going to take off right then and there. But after some convincing, I talked him into getting her (she was after all my Valentine's Day present) - and the rest is history.

Tonight we celebrated Maya's fifth birthday...

Three Dog Bakery Bone Cake

Definitely not feeling the hat

Hmmm....not sure what I think

The indestructible Owl they sold me.....

....evidently not. How can you get upset at that face?

Happy Birthday to Maya Lou, our favorite furry child!

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