Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nursery Reveal

I can hardly believe the nursery is FINALLY done! It's been such a fun process from planning the design board and choosing colors to picking out every little item. Now that the room is done and we've put together all of the necessities for lil Mango, it makes me so ready for him to get here!

After picking the colors - of course yellow had to be included - came the stripes. While they were painful to complete, I absolutely love how this accent wall turned out.  The Bonavita Metro Dresser in Licorice was a gift from Nick's mom and is great for storing diapers, wipes, onesies....you name it.

Stripes - this wall makes me smile every time I walk past the nursery
The dresser also serves as a changing table, which is very functional and saved us from having to purchase a separate changing table for the room. Since its a small space, this works very well. I ordered the Offi My Pet lamp soon after the stripes were painted and knew it would help make the room pop with a bit of color.

My favorite piece in the room - Offi My Pet Lamp

The zigzag chevron basket came from Michaels (on clearance!) and I added the silver metallic spray-painted "C" to personalize it a bit. It will be very handy as a catch-all for changing table goodies.

Monogram zigzag chevron basket
Oh, the prints - I was all over the place with what I wanted to put on this wall. Originally, I had thought I would do a collage of white frames with different prints and photos, but recently decided to keep it simple. I found these prints on Etsy and absolutely loved them. The "You Are The Best" phrase is meaningful in that it's always been the way Nick has signed every card or letter he's ever given me. I can look back 11 years ago at the first card from him (yes - I still have cards from over a decade ago!) and this line is present and has been ever since.

Prints from Etsy
Nick's dad and stepmom purchased the Bonavita Metro Crib for us and we love the way it looks. Once our little guy is moved into the nursery to sleep, it will be a great bed for him. The bedding was the real challenge - I couldn't decide what would look best in the room. After a trip to Time For Baby in Kearney, Shauna showed me this striped fabric and I was smitten. The crib skirt is made entirely of the stripe fabric and the bumper is white chenille trimmed in the same fabric. We added a chenille crib sheet to complete the look.

Custom made bedding from Time For Baby
Instead of a mobile, I chose simple paper lanterns. I wanted a focal point for Lil Mango, but I didn't want to go the traditional mobie route. This was a great compromise and added more color versus the gray walls. Above the crib, I kept it simple with a mirror I purchased at Target and added a painted "C" monogram.

Paper lanterns instead of a mobile

My neighbor recently started doing these fabric letters for around the home and gifted us with a set for Cruz. The colors are fun and break up the yellow, gray and white in the room.

Fabric letters created by Cruise Creations
My parents wanted to get us a rocking chair for the room - it's been their gift for all of their kids when they are expecting. We ordered this Best Storytime Series chair from Time For Baby in the white chenille. It reclines, rocks and swivels and you feel like you are gliding on air. I've spent quite a bit of time just relaxing in this chair so far and can only imagine how great it will be when we are rocking Lil Mango to sleep. The mirrored side table came from Target - I didn't want to go with another piece of black furniture, so this helps mix it up a bit.
Best Storytime Series Chair - Irvington in white
It's such a relief to have finally completed the nursery, but even more so I'm so happy with how it turned out. We were very fortunate to have our family help with all of the major pieces in the room and each piece really helped it come together.  I realize I've been saying "I" a lot throughout this post, but it's only because Nick gave me free reign to create this room and I'm just thankful he put up with me through all of the planning and changes that occured during this process and that he was confident in my ability to set up a good space for our little guy. Now the wait is on until he chooses to grace us with his presence...

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  1. Katie, Cruz's nursery looks fantastic!! I love all the special touches you made, like the frames above the changing table and the cute little doggie lamp. You'll love spending time in there with him in a few weeks!


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