Monday, November 7, 2011

To My Hubby: Happy 30th Birthday!

Today is Nick's 30th birthday - and one of my favorite times of the year where he can no longer say I'm older than he is (well technically I'm still older, but our actual ages are the same, so you know what I mean). I think he is apprehensive about this big milestone in his life....he thinks that now he is old and needs to become more mature. Fortunately, I've been able to share my feelings that it's not much different from 29 and that while he may not want to mature or change his ways - this will happen once our little guy enters our lives.

To celebrate Nick's big day we had a great surprise party in early October (Nick's Surprise Party) and today we are planning to spend the day together. We are going to lunch and then shopping for the rest of his present. And if we are feeling crazy, we may hit up a movie later this afternoon. I tell you....we are wild ones these days!

So...happy 30th birthday to the most amazing man I know - I love you!

Bush Concert at Stir Cove

With Carly at John's HOF Banquet

Celebrating before baby
WSOP Circuit - 3rd Place

HOF Banquet

Hawkeye Game

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