Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Favorites

What a long, but great week. Great in the fact that we accomplished some serious work AND I got to check out a new city (more to come on how I literally ate my way through New Orleans) but it was also tough being away from my guys for four days!

Let's just say it's good to be home. And it's good that it's Friday.

Pumpkins and minimal Halloween decor has invaded our house. I just realized that most of our Halloween and Fall decor is in our storage unit, now I have to figure out if I'm going to drag my lazy butt over there and pull it all out or if I'm happy with spray painted pumpkins and cheap bats from Target.  Knowing me, this will probably be it. (Oh, and don't judge my dying plant in that first pic. Plants and I don't mix.)

I never did recap the Eric Church concert we went to a couple weeks ago. Well, here you go. Good friends, this hunky man and Mr. Church was this.close to us. It was another great country concert, which as you know country concerts = my happy place.

I am dying over these shoes. I love the color, so different than my normal black. I have them in my Nordstrom cart and I'm thinking I just need to order them this they are on sale. What do you think?

And I'm not really familiar with Takara clothing, but I got one of those green military jackets with leather sleeves the other day and I'm just loving it (I cannot find it online for the life of me, but similar here). I also found this cardigan. I didn't get it, but I'm thinking I need to go back and pick it up.

One of my favorite weekends of the world is upon us - Omaha has this great outdoor showcase of vintage and handcrafted items called Junkstock. I went with Brittany last year (here) and it was so cool. I love seeing how creative other people can be and if I can scoop up some unique items at the same time, then all the better!


Oh, and we had a winner on our giveaway from last week, you know the $205 paypal cash? It wasn't you, unless your name is Paige and miss Paige gladly accepted her prize. Although she hasn't reached out yet to tell me she wanted to share it with me. Not sure what's up with that.  =)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Yes!! You NEED those shoes! And I need them, too... :) You've had a busy couple of weeks, hope you're able to get some relaxing in this weekend! Happy Friday!

  2. That cardigan has to be yours - it is amazing. And happy weekend!!

  3. I love all your painted pumpkins - I think it's perfect no need t go to the storage unit!! Please buy those shoes - they are so fun and different!! Have a great weekend!

  4. I love your Halloween simple, but so fun...AND so much more than I have up in my house right now. Womp!
    I may need to come to Junkstock...seriously, how COOL?

  5. Junkstock looks like a super cool event, wish we had something like that around here! And I LOVE Eric Church, you're so lucky you were so close to him! happy friday!

  6. Love your Halloween decor! I keep telling myself I need to decorate and then it never happens. I'll fly you in from Omaha to NYC to do it. Deal? And then we can celebrate country music in the city that is not known for an inkling of country lol.

  7. LOVE the spray painted pumpkins. They add just the right hint of Halloween. I decorate more for fall than Halloween. Also, Junkstock sounds awesome. I love the decoration.

  8. Where do you get your "M" from? It's gorgeous. My hubby and I are going to the Eric Church concert in NYC on the 17th and we are oh so excited and from the looks of your pictures it looks like we are going to have a great time :)


  9. Love all your pumpkins. They look great! I'm loving the pictures from the concert! We used to go to concerts all the time and I'm sad to say we haven't been in forever !

  10. I love finding Midwest Bloggers! I live in Wisconsin! Jealous of your Eric Church concert. Beardy and I love him too! We saw Brantley Gilbert in the spring and have Eric Church on our bucket list!!

    Beardy Heart Beauty

  11. I love that M in your first picture! And my hubby and I are going to Eric Church in December and I cannot wait...this picture of him made me even more excited! :)

  12. I love the fringe on that Aztec cardigan I definitely think that you should get it!!

  13. Those heels are so pretty - you could totally rock those. My husband loves Eric Church - so glad you had fun!

  14. I love your Halloween decorations (and that M!). Minimal is the name of the game over here so I'm loving your spray painted pumpkins and the bats from Target!

  15. I think your halloween decor is perfect!! :)


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