Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Favorites: Etsy Items I'm Coveting

This week was a real cluster, let me tell ya.

A sick kiddo + a husband out of town + loads of work that needs to get done but you don't nearly get enough done because you are dealing with the sick kiddo = a bit of a frustrating week all around.

Except that I did get a lot of time to cuddle with Cruz. And I do love to cuddle. So hey, my week wasn't all that bad.

And now the fact that it's Friday and that I get to justify wearing workout clothes today while passing it off as a Halloween costume makes me downright giddy.

And maybe, just maybe, if all goes well, C and I will tackle an Auntie Annie pretzel at the mall this weekend. That may not be on my Eat Clean meal plan, so I guess instead I can just watch Cruz enjoy one, because we will be at the mall. That's about a given.

Nike two-piece (sold out / similar)

I digress...

You know what else makes me happy on this Friday?  People who have the talent to create goods that lots of other people want to buy. Which brings me to the point of my post today - my fave Etsy shops of the moment.

Without further adieu...

The Heirloom Bear Blanket from the Roxy Marj shop. Seriously, I die. How freakin' cute is this blanket? I think Cruz needs this like right now. Can you imagine it peeking out of his black & white stripe Land of Nod teepee?

And this one is a collab between Roxy Marj and Candy Kirby Designs (if you haven't checked out CKD, do it it all!) which is being released soon. I can't decide which one I love more.

The Roman Numeral bar necklace from Cherished Sentiments. I just bought this one for my bestie with her wedding date on it in roman numerals and then on the other side her new last name...and I loved it. So much so that I'm thinking I might need one for myself.

I mean, Cruz just needs this shirt, right? I love the saying on this raglan from Sweet Kiddo Co.

We are finally getting Cruz's room repainted (oh, and the toy room, I'm sneaking that in on the request for the painter...shhh) and we will be getting one of the below decals from Urban Walls. I obviously love the first best, but as you recall Nick doesn't for some reason (and I still totally don't understand why he doesn't), but I also love the crosses and triangles.

Super Hero Mask
Plus Sign

Greeting cards....I LOVE greeting cards and especially finding some with awesome sayings. Speaking of greeting cards, I do have to note that Target's greeting card section has really improved lately...but it still has nothing on some of my faves from Etsy.

Like this one. I love every single one from Julie Ann Art. Sarcastic. Funny. Just plain awesome.
Julie Ann Art

And I love these with song lyrics - 1) because Iris was our wedding song and 2) because music obviously plays an important role in my life, so I love tying special times to songs I love.
Song Lines Letterpress

This one could be interchanged with pizza in my opinion and it would be just as fun.
The Little Illustrator Cards

And, of course, those that are humorous enough for your husband who has just as weird a sense of humor and dirty mind as you do. Extra points when it says "bow chica wow wow" because I may or may not end some of our texts that way on the daily...
Row House 14

I seriously could go on....and on....and on... I love Etsy and finding unique goods there. Plus, just seeing how creative and fun people can be always blows my mind.

So what are some of your fave Etsy shops?

Bonus points if you have your own. I want to have my own someday. Now I just need to figure out what I'm good at to sell in that shop.

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  1. Love those wall decals and I can't wait to see the final room! Adorable bear rug and all!

  2. That blanket is too cute! I kinda want one ;) And seriously loving that bar necklace! I have one with coordinates on it and I love it! Happy Friday!

    <3, Pamela

  3. Love that rug, so perfect for a lil man with a teepee! That necklace is super, duper amazing, I think I need one and one for a bride to be friend!

    Those cards are fabulous, I love the bow chica bow wow, I say it all the time. or Brown chicken brown cow when I'm feeling super silly!

    happy weekend and halloween!

  4. I hope Cruz is feeling better- sick little guy is no fun - ever!!

    I have the bar necklace on my wishlist for this Christmas - I just love it!! I mean Etsy has the best stuff - one stop...may shops LOL! Have a great weekend!

  5. These are such fantastic finds!! I am obsessed with finding unique greeting cards, so thanks for giving me a new shop to check out :)

  6. Your little one's room is so cute! Sorry to hear he is not feeling well.
    The Doctor Diva

  7. I am so sad I didn't know about those bridesmaids cards when I was engaged! SO funny! I have one of the roman numeral bar necklaces and I think you definitely need one too ;) It just goes with everything! Happy Halloween - hope Cruz is feeling good enough to do some trick or treating tonight!

  8. Love, love your choices! Etsy is so awesome, I can spend foever on there looking around!

  9. I love that roman numeral necklace! I would love to get my wedding date on one!!

  10. Oh my gosh! I LOVE this post! I especially love the card shops. Heading over to check them out and "favorite" them right now!

  11. OMG! Love all of this! Now I want to buy Weston a teepee and get that blanket to go with it. SO CUTE!


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