Monday, October 20, 2014

Our Weekend

Hard to believe another weekend has come and gone...and that we are now past the middle of October. How can that be?!  This year is just flying by.

We had a great weekend around here. Low key, but also happened to get just busy enough to keep us on the move.

Friday night was pretty laid back after work. Nick played poker late so Cruz and I rented the newer Tarzan movie. It went a little something like this...

It was exactly what you picture a toddler acting like with a question every.single.minute. It is also amazing for me to watch him soak everything in and just realize he is learning so much right now, hence the 1,537 questions.  Why? Why? Mama? Why?

I was mid-thread with two of my SILs so they got to share in the fun.

After TRX on Saturday, we talked daddy into heading to Vala's Pumpkin Patch with us before football started. Which means we had just over an hour to cram as much in as we could. I mean, seriously, you could spend all day here. It's amazing to me what a business this family has built up. They kill it for two months of the year and the spend the rest of the year just growing some pumpkins.

Sam Edelman Rain Boots (sold out, similar here)

On the way home, we called in our breakfast order to what has quickly become one of my favorite spots - Over Easy - and brought it home to eat, so Nick could set up his big day of football watching. And so Cruz could eat some ketchup. Obviously.

After Cruz's nap, we needed to hit up the grocery store so I could stock up on items for the Eat Green Challenge (here), but first swung by the Millard West Craft Fair, where my SIL Joey was showing the gorgeous scarves from her shop Joey Mac Designs. Seriously this girl is so talented. Oftentimes, she will be wearing a gorgeous maxi dress and when we ask where she got it, she will be like, 'oh, I made it this morning.' Seriously. Could you imagine how awesome that would be?!

Since I had a pass last weekend for a girl's night, Saturday night was Nick's chance. Which meant Cruz and I were left to our own shenanigans. There may have been some laundry, there may have been some packing for our trip, there was definitely a lot of clothes. And trying on. Just look at him...he was enjoying it as much as I was.

On Sunday morning, Morgan and I met up at Sweat Cycle & Soul for their Pedal for the Cure breast cancer ride - Kelli definitely worked us out - and then we went to Starbucks for a coffee and to catch up. It was nice. Actually sitting down to enjoy a coffee and not having to talk in toddler speak. I could've sat there all day!

But there wasn't time for that. My photo assistant, Cruz, and I had to head downtown to shoot some pics of my sister's gorgeous family.  Do not judge the pic below. This was a last second one with my brother-in-laws iPhone before saying goodbye to Blake, so he could head back to college (wow, college, still hard to believe). 

I think we got some really great ones, but how could you not with a family this perfect?

Of course since the kiddos were sooo good through the pics, we took them to Ted & Wally's for some ice cream - I have to say I was disappointed in their selection of flavors, unless you're a fan of cayenne chocolate, which I most definitely was not. Regardless, I still ate every last bit of my vanilla waffle cone. Obviously.  

We said our goodbyes and then as Cruz and I were driving out of the Old Market, I spotted an available horse & carriage and a parking spot - both which are near impossible to come by, so I figured it was meant to be and we took a carriage ride around downtown. It was a beautiful night and Cruz was just so giddy. Remember those questions from Friday night - multiply them by 1,000 and that was basically the conversation during our ride.

"Mama, why does the horse go so slow?"

"Mama, why is the horse peeing right now?"

"Mama why is the horse running?"

"Mama, let's lay down and pretend we're sleeping."

"Mama, who are those people?"

"Mama, why are they waving?"

"Mama, where does the horse go poop?"


It was the absolute best.

See? We definitely had a great weekend. Looking forward to a short work week and a trip to Austin with my fam later this week!

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  1. Aww what a fun weekend! Isn't the "why" stage so fun? :) And LOVE your jacket! So cute!!!

    <3, Pamela

  2. Dying over Cruz's million questions, I can totally hear them in my head! So funny. Sounds like it was the perfect weekend and your sister has a beautiful family!! Can't be too hard to get a good picture of them :) Happy Monday!

  3. Tarzan is one of my favorite movies, those questions are too funny though. Such a cute lil man. Glad y'all were able to enjoy the fall fun!

  4. Sounds like such a fun weekend!! Do you ever wonder what you were like at their age and if you were the same way - like I'm sure we were all inquisitive but were we like they are?!

    I love that he models his clothes for you - I mean he's just so sweet!! Hope you have a great Monday girl!! xo

  5. Cutest pumpkin patch! Mia would have LOVED to ride a little pony, I wish they had that option at ours!!
    The photo on the couch... he kills me! Such a handsome little man :)
    What a good weekend!

  6. Oh toddler questions just crack me up. I used to be so excited to hear them first say mama. Not I'm like ohhh what question is it this time?

  7. Oh my gosh, your little guy is so adorable! Also, I want to have a job where I kill it for two months and take it easy the rest of the time like these pumpkin farmers, please and thank you, lol.

  8. OMG Cruz kills me! Look at him posing on that couch! I die. And all those questions.... why? why? why? whyyyyyy? So cute! I say that now, but I'm sure I won't be quite as happy when Mason starts with them haha.
    Your SIL's scarves are GORGEOUS! I wish I loved closer and could visit her boutique!

  9. Totally love how Cruz is hamming it up trying on his clothes!! Too cute!! And I was dying when you ended all series of questions with multiple "Mama... Mama... Mama" love it!!

  10. I love all of Cruz's questions! He is SO cute, especially riding the horse!

  11. Oh wow...I don't even know where to start! First of all, now I'm racking my brain to come up with an entrepreneurial idea (other than owning a pumpkin patch) that will allow me to work only two months out of the year. Hmmm...I'll get back to you on that one! And Cruz's mini fashion shoot on Saturday night...I die! He is just too much. TOO.MUCH.ADORABLE!

  12. 2 extremely important questions, 1. where is your olive green and black (leather-I'm assuming) arm jacket from and 2. what camera are you using/wearing around your neck! Finance said I could start looking for one, score! XX

    1. Lol...these ARE important questions =) 1) it's Takara brand, but I can't for the life of me find it - here is a link to similar that I put on an old post ( 2) It's a Canon Rebel TSi and I love it! I was just telling someone I've had it for the past 7 years and it still works great!


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