Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cruz Lately

I think it just hit me that our little man is going to be three in less than two months. THREE!

How does that happen?

Well, I know how it happens, but you know what I mean.

He has definitely turned into the rambunctious little guy that I've always hoped for. He loves running around like a mad man, tearing up the house & refusing to put it back together, wrestling, jumping in puddles (why?) and on beds, the couch, off curbs, lots of jumping.

Case in point. Cruz got a new pair of  Nike P. Rod 8 shoes, which according to him make him run "so fast!" Shortly after this picture was taken he ran straight across the field at his cousin Kayden's flag football game so Papa and I had to go chase him down in the middle of a play. #headslap

And he loves his daddy. I mean, I know he loves me but the relationship those two have is enough to make this mama a tad jealous. But it's also exactly how I pictured how it should be.

He's still such a good kid. I've said it before but I just know our next kid is gonna be an a-hole as much as Cruz has spoiled us. 

And he's funny. He loves to laugh and I love doing anything to make him laugh. He's extremely ticklish. And he loves telling jokes. His fave? "Mama, there's a chicken on my head!" No, that's it, that's his joke. And he thinks it's hilarious...I still don't really get it, but I laugh anyway.

But don't get me wrong, there are plenty of tantrums. And boy is he stubborn. He gets that from his daddy. Oh, ok he gets a little, alright basically all of that, from me.

He is the best singer. Seriously this kid loves to sing. He's learned so many songs from school but his faves are country music - "beachin'" "play it again" and "drunk on a plane" to name a few and every time we watch Frozen and "let it go" comes on, he looks over at me and says, "mama it's our song!" and generally asks me to dance. #heartmelts

Speaking of Frozen, it's probably his favorite movie these days. Oftentimes we act out the characters. My fave is pretending I'm Sven and he's Olaf and I chase him around trying to bite his carrot nose. I loved movies growing up and love even more getting to watch them with Cruz, under the teepee on a weekend night, with a yummy snack. Yes, always a snack.

My best little shopping buddy has started tiring of all the shopping so that isn't as much fun anymore, which is why there is online shopping or you just bribe them with treats if you absolutely must go. Treats are like having a magic power in my mind. 

I must admit I do love shopping for this guy. 

Slub Tee (similar)  //  Jeans // Sunglasses (similar) // Beanie (clearance, but love any from Little Boss Shop)
He's still a great eater. Loves basically everything and will try anything at least once, which is so good in my book because I was the pickiest eater ever growing up and I don't want him to be that way. He loves grilled chicken, steak, fish, shrimp, fruit, veggies, normal kids stuff like Mac & cheese, pasta, pizza, corn dogs and treats. This kid loves him some treats. And I love all the gadgets they have out there to make eating even more fun than it already is. We love basically every Boon product that has ever existed and this plate. This plate is where it's at.

Fred and Friends Food Face Plate

And the things he says? I don't know where his vocabulary came from but I love all the words coming out of his mouth. Like...

"I got an interestin' idea, mama, let's go to the park! Isn't that interestin'?"

No matter how hard we try, he still calls hamburgers, han-guh-burgers.

He loves saying peoples full names, like Cruz john Manganaro or Katie Marie Manganaro, but evidently the other night while Nick was laying in bed with him and Cruz was inevitably talking his ear off, Cruz said, "dada your name is Nick Michael Manganaro but sometimes mama calls you Nick 'momo jones' Manganaro. That's not right, is it?"

Does anyone else use the word momo? Nick and I always have used it to nicely reference the word dummy and I guess I've said it in reference to Nick before (like the time he backed out of the garage and crashed his mirror into it, for example) when talking to Cruz. And he picked up on it. Oops. Nick came out after C was asleep and said, "momo jones, huh?"

And my favorite? When he is sitting on the toilet, doing his business, his cheeks flushed red from pushing and he says, "mama, poopin' is hard work."

It is, buddy, if really is.

See! Don't you see why I talk about this kid? He is just good stuff.

Shorts (sold out, similar & on sale!)

And now it's off to plan the birthday festivities. I mean, I just can't be outdone by year one or year two. He's been telling me he wants a fireman party...does anyone know where I can rent some Dalmatians??

(You can check out his other birthday parties here: first and second)

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  1. Haha that last line! Love it, seriously so cute! And I really love how you wrote this post... you can just tell he's your little buddy and it makes having children sound fun. So many people write posts with all of the negatives and it's like ugh, to read. So thank you for showing how much fun it really will be!

  2. I mean he has got to be the coolest kid, due in large part to his awesome parents!! P.S. My sister has that same plate for my nieces and sort freaks me out! LOL

  3. He sounds like such a funny kid! I can't wait for Scarlett to start talking more, so I can hear her little thoughts. It's crazy the things they pick up on... I catch S copying something that I know she probably saw me doing before and it blows my mind that she even remembers.

  4. Never a dull moment!! What a little stud muffin. He reminds me of a little Enrique Iglesias with that beanie and shades. haha

  5. I mean have the most adorable lil' guy on the planet! And he has FABULOUS taste in music! I watched his "Beachin'" video three times! AND...with the beanie and've got a mini version of Eric Church! I die. Love this "interestin'" post!

  6. What a great post! I can just feel the outpouring of love for your little man!! And I love that beanie! If I had a boy, that's how I'd want to dress him!

  7. He's seriously SUCH a cool kid! Every single outfit I'm all like wow. Stylish little thing. He's going to be such a heartbreaker!

  8. OMG that outfit with the sunglasses!!! You guys are seriously the most adorable family!

  9. Girl, treats are magic power in EVERY situation. And hell yeah to a firefighters party!!! Good choice baby mango!!


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