Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy October everyone!

Let's just jump into it, shall we?


So, holiday season is upon us. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas....speaking of Christmas, it's only 82 days away...EIGHTY-TWO! I just bought the first of my Christmas presents this week for a couple of my nephews, but the hunt is on and I'm hoping to get a head start on holiday shopping this year, although even if I start with the greatest of intentions, I know that it will sneak up on me and I will be totally stressing come December.


I have seen these shoes everywhere online lately and every time I love them and think to myself that I need to get them. I just need to buck up and get them ordered already.


Speaking of three, Cruz turns three in just over a month! I'm working on plans for his birthday party and have been asking him what he wants the theme to be. Have you ever asked an almost three year old real questions? I'm just thinking you don't do it. He was adamant that he wanted a firefighter birthday party, so I figured I could get behind that and start planning. Maybe something like this.

Now he is adamant that "no, mama, I don't want a fire party, I want a race car party." I feverishly start scouring Pinterest to see if I can find a car theme I like and it would look something like this.

Then five minutes later, "but maybe I really like a farm party."

Dude. Make up your mind please? Or I might just go with my favorite theme and talk him into why it's sooo cool.

He has also said he wants to be a monkey or a daddy for Halloween. Seriously, what am I going to do with him.


I'm heading to New Orleans on Monday for the week for work. I've never been and I'm really excited to check it out, it's definitely been on my list of places to visit. While I won't have tons of time to take in the city, I would love to know any ideas you have of places I must see, eat, visit while I'm there.

A big thanks to Katie for giving me some ideas already. =)

I know I've talked about my love for my exercise studio - Sweat, Cycle & Soul - that I've been going to for the past year, can't believe it's a year...but I just can't help but share my love for not only the classes, but also the gals I've met. I've been loving the TRX, TRX bootcamp, Pedal & Pump and Pilates Fusion classes and really can feel my body gaining strength that I've never had before from my normal running/gym routines. Not only that but leaving class this morning, I feel even more fortunate that I've met so many amazing people who I look forward to seeing in class, catching up, sharing workout style (three of us share of love for these pants) and making plans to get together outside of class. It makes getting up to work out that much easier. =)

And I'm leaving you with a reminder about the amazing giveaway we have going on...remember there are only 82 days until Christmas, so $205 in Paypal cash would definitely come in handy in knocking out some of your shopping! We are selecting a winner on Sunday, so get after it and get yourself signed up!

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  1. Oh Lord... only 82 days til Christmas?!? Where has 2014 gone? And you definitely need those shoes... Steve Madden makes the best flats :) Have so much fun in New Orleans!

  2. It's almost better not to ask and you just decide FOR the kids. lol. All those are great ideas though Cruz. ;)

  3. yes to those shoes - get them!! Now I'm in panic mode since there are only 82 days until Christmas - how is that possible!! Your gym sounds amazing and really does have the best classes!!

  4. That party looks precious, such a cute idea!

    NOLA is one of the best cities, ever! You must do Cafe Du Monde and walk Bourbon street to get the vibe. Have so much fun, so jealous!

  5. I knew exactly what shoes you were talking about before I even clicked the link! I wasn't even surprised when I saw them, they are on my wishlist too!! :) Great minds ;) Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

  6. Way to go with the Christmas presents! I'm impressed. And have so much fun in Nola! I've never been but have heard lots of great things!

  7. LOVE those Steve Madden leopard-print flats! They're perfection. Speaking of Christmas gifts...I ordered a couple back during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and now I have no idea where I put them. I remember thinking I needed to put them somewhere that I'd remember...guess that was an EPIC FAIL on my part. Search party starts tomorrow!

  8. Three year olds are impossible. I did the "Farm party" theme for Brody's third. You can check that out here: Or don't - because it seems like once you start getting inspired he changes his mind. :)

  9. I love your inspiration for a fire fighter birthday party!! Too cute. I guess they probably change their minds a hundred times before the day actually gets here??? Have a blast in New Orleans. I felt bad that I never got Katie my list of go-to places before she went, but she definitely hit some awesome spots. My all time favorite restaurant is Galatoires on Bourbon street though. If you have anyone to go to dinner with, its the most festive fun spot in town!! A true New Orleans cuisine!

  10. Christmas shopping already?! Girl you're on top of it. I love the hustle and bustle of the Holidays too much to do it before hand. I'd miss all the craziness of the in-store shopping if I did it now! :)

  11. It is Christmas shopping season over here lady! The earlier, the better! Love talking to two year old boys... Greyson and I have basically the same conversations on a daily basis. It's like talking to a ridiculously drunk person in college.

  12. the 4 yr old i take care of has changed her mind about 3 times, too. so who know what the party will actually be lol

  13. The indecisiveness is Tory with her Halloween costumes. One minute it's purple princess and the next it's pink princess. I'm scared to commit to buying anything because she can't make up her mind and if I pick the wrong thing THE WORLD WILL BE OVER. :)

    All of those bday parties sound adorable so whatever you chose, I'm sure it'll be a hit with Cruz and your party guests.

  14. I love those leopard ballet flats I think you should totally get them! So awesome to hear you are loving your studio....getting excited about workouts is such a great feeling!


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