Friday, March 20, 2015

Thank God It's Friday

So this week has been an interesting one to say the least.

Coming back after being gone for a week + solo parenting because Nick is out of town definitely has equaled a lot of craziness.

And to top it off, Cruz has had diarrhea all week. So gross I know, but it's true. Sorry folks you get the good with the bad around here. =)

And of course it only seems to rear it's ugly head at around 2am. So I have mastered him sitting on the toilet while I sleep sitting up on the bathroom floor waiting for him to get done. Actually a couple times I've put a towel down on the floor and laid on it. I swear it's like he's just sitting on the toilet as long as he can until I can't keep my eyes open any more and then I just hear him laughing at me while I start to drift off.

And to make matters even worse? I decided to take him to our favorite toy store - Fat Brain Toys - the other night to pick out a toy. We were in the store for at least an hour playing with the newest and best toys when he walks over to me and I smell him. I did the old "diaper check", except he doesn't wear diapers anymore, and he literally had sharted (yep, I went there). No, no, no. It was so gross. And I felt so bad for him at the same time.

Me: "Cruz, did you go poop in your pants?"

C: "Yeah, mama, my belly hurts. But it's ok, wight?"

What do you say to that?  He didn't want to leave the toy store, so I'm pretty sure if I hadn't smelled him first, we would've been there for quite a bit longer.

Poor kid.

I grabbed him - he didn't get a new toy - and we beelined for home and straight into the tub. Normally I would've just taken his clothes and tossed them - I don't have the time, or the stomach, to be washing his business out of his clothes - but the pants he had on were one of my favorites, so I had to.

Eh, just living the dream over here. What can I say?

Let's talk about more pleasant things, shall we?


When I'm not at work, I live in workout clothes. I like to be comfortable. Plus running around after a crazy three year old, well you have to do yourself a favor and keep it comfy.  I've recently posted about Fabletics and I just received my third order the other day. I'm a big fan.  Not only have I found that the pants fit really well but I've been loving the tanks and other tops I've gotten too. Plus the prices are pretty reasonable. And I can tell you this tank came in super handy when I was on my Vegas trip last week - I had forgotten to pack a slip and had to get creative and used this instead. It totally worked and no one was any wiser. =)

Cherrystone Tank/Tights // Brooks Runners (best running shoes I've ever worn)

Speaking of clothes, I'm also obsessed with my Athleta Gleam tights. Not only do I love Athleta tights in general (the fit is amazing), but I love that these are so versatile. Meaning I wear them out ALL THE TIME. They are a little party up front (the faux leather look) and business in the back (normal legging look) - like a mullet of pants, but waaaay cooler.  And did I mention they are so comfy? Notice a theme here?

I also love pictures and physically having pictures vs. looking at them on my computer (I'm the girl who printed out every photo back in the day and put them into photo albums).  However, that is so time consuming.  I was pretty stoked when a friend told me about Chatbooks, but I wanted to wait until I received my first one to post about it to make sure I like it. Well, I didn't like it, I loved it. Like really loved the book I received. It is great quality and it's awesome having all of my iPhone and/or IG pics printed out in a book that I can look back on.

The best part is I got a code (VAJNZX) that others can use to place their first order for a FREE Chatbook. Like totally free. No S&H. No cost. Mine was too because I used a friend's code. Even better, right?

I finally ordered the SkinnyTaste cookbook. I've only been talking about it for months now and I'm so excited to get it. I've tried a couple of her recipes already and am a huge fan. Although, I guess this means I need to cook more....


This beauty and I are headed for three nights of girl time in Dallas next week. Seriously I love my sis Tessa more than anything and even living in the same city we live completely different, super busy lives and I don't get to spend nearly enough time with her or her adorable family. So we've taken to planning trips together. You may remember our LA escapades from a few years ago (parts one, two, three). And while the weather was much nicer and stalking the Kardashians was kind of amazing, I still know we are going to have a blast.

But I need to know if anyone has any Dallas recommendations - we haven't been since we were in high school, so need to know what to see, where to go, what to check out. Please and thank you!

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  1. Well if there's one thing I have learned from your post today it's when you have kids and they have diarrhea don't ever put them in nice clothes ;) Hope he's feeling better this weekend!! Love your cute little Fabletics outfit! I need to check them out! Have fun in Dallas with your sister! I've never actually been to Dallas so I don't have any suggestions for you but my friend lives there now so I'll ask her and see what she says. Happy Friday gorgeous!!!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. Oh man, pooooooor lil guy. That just sounds so awful, for both of you. The bathroom scene broke my heart for him but also made me smile because you were sleeping on the floor, such a sweet mama. Ihope that he feels better soon.

    I've heard great things about Fabletics and Athleta. Does Fabletics have good choices and is Athleta worth the price? Those are my two questions.

    I've only had pit stops in Dallas so I don't have any suggestions, besides a tour of Cowboys' Stadium. That place is amazing!!!!

  3. girl this has not been your week! hope his tummy is all better now! that's no fun!

  4. Sharting happens. Letty does it. At one point when she wasn't feeling good I contemplated putting a pull-up on her but then had fear of regression. So I just let her shart. 😏 I can't wait for the recap of this trip! Last year's had me in stitches!

  5. Awww, poor Cruz, and poor you too! I hope things get better for him--that can't be fun! :(
    I love your athletic look, and your "mullet" leggings lol. You are one fit mama!!
    I'd be looking forward to a girls weekend with my best friend, too--those are some of the best!
    Here's hoping this weekend is diarrhea free! :)

  6. Poor guy, its not fun when your kids are sick, but its even worse when its the middle of the night. We live and Dallas and Nick & Sam's in Uptown is fun to hang out at the bar area, they play fun dance music. Their rib eye is also amazing... Knox-Henderson area has good food and fun bars - Porch, Sissy's, Fireside Pies, Porch, Victor Tango's. Hope you all have a great weekend, even though its supposed to rain!

  7. Oh dear...that is quite the ordeal!! I hope he's feeling better!!
    I love the relationship you and your sister have and hope you have the best time ever in Dallas!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  8. love those leggings!!! so cute!

    Have a great weekend :)

    Justine @ Charm City Ciemny's

  9. So sorry about Cruz. I feel bad for the poor kid.. and you! That type of tummy ache (well, any) is no fun. I love that you and Tessa sneak away for a sister trip. Can't wait to hear more about it. Why did you guys pick Dallas? I've never been but heard Texas is a lot of fun!

    Have a good weekend!


  10. I'll crash your sister trip. We can golf, drink, and stalk. It'll be great. And nobody will shart. Promise.

  11. Oh, Cruz! A potty-trained kid gives the illusion you'll have less involvement in helping your child use the restroom, but that's so not the case. At least in my experience. Ugh. Chalk another one up to little parenting lies....

    Those leather leggings are FAB. I need some!

  12. Girl, I love that you keep it real. But I don't, however, love that you have to be up at 2am or that Cruz isn't feeling well. Hope he is feeling better now!
    I think I need to get me some of those Fabletics pants and tops and also a chatbook! I've been wanting to try for forever but I just procrastinate.
    The SkinnyTaste cookbook is one of my faves! So glad you got one and hope you love it!

  13. Poor Cruz, I hope he's feeling better! I was also that girl printing out all of my photos and arranging them into albums, so I'm excited to hear about Chatbooks - thanks for the code!

  14. Poor Cruz man!!! No fun at all! We've been dealing with puppy diarrhea all week after he ate some wood chips - not quite the same but I feel your pain! And can I just tell you I've spent the last 20 minutes on Fabletics adding things to my cart?? How have I never heard of this place before?! I want everything!

  15. I hope poor Cruz is feeling better! I am definitely going to be ordering a chat book.

  16. Poor Cruz and poor MAMA! That is the WORST! You earned yourself some serious drinks! P.S. the mullet of pants? I'm dying!!

  17. I really need to check out Fabletics... I've heard such great things!!! And girllll, you are seriously super mom... Thanks for keepin it real; now I know what I will be getting into when I'm a mama some day, ha!

  18. I am so sorry friend.. I hope he is feeling better. It alwasy happens with the MR. is out of town.. My house goes crazy when he is gone.. I love your running shorts they are so cute :) Hope you had a great weekend

  19. Aw, hope he's feeling better soon! Also, love those leggings!!

  20. remember when it was march and that was the last time you blogged?

  21. me again. third comment on this post. i swear i'm not a creep. do you know which font was used for the cursive on your blog design?

  22. How did I not know you have a blog? Miss seeing your face around here.

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