Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cruz is THREE!

Our little Mango is three, you guys!

Today we are celebrating every amazing thing about our guy, Cruzer. These last three years have just flown by, but I also can hardly remember life before he came into it. Well, except when I remember all the sleep...and all the happy hours, that is. =)

Since I just talked about ALL the things that make this kiddo great a few weeks ago, I won't repeat myself, you can just go read about it here.

But....let me just say this.

He really is something special, you know that? 

He makes me smile every single day. More times than should be allowed. He blows me away with every word that comes out of his mouth. He brings out the silly that all too often we adults forget can be so much fun. He makes me giggle. I mean, really giggle. He melts my heart when he grabs my hand to hold it while he sleeps. He makes me so proud. He makes me the happiest me I've ever been. And he makes my life better just by being in it. I can't wait to wake up every single morning because I know I get to see his sweet little face.

What I feel for him is enough to make my heart explode. It's that good.

I am so lucky to be the one he calls mama.

And we have been so blessed to have him in our life.

Happy birthday to my best little buddy!!  You are loved more than you will ever know.


  1. Aww happy birthday Cruz!! He is seriously the cutest little thing!!

    <3, Pamela

  2. Happy, happy birthday, Cruz! Such a handsome lil man!

  3. Happy Birthday, Cruz! He is the cutest lil' guy ever...and I do love reading all the fun stories about him!

  4. Happy Birthday Cruz!!! Such a cute lil' guy!!!!

  5. Awh happy birthday buddy! To the cutest and most well-dressed little boy I know!!!

  6. Happy birthday to your little man!! He's just the cutest and I hope this next year brings you guys lots more snuggles and great memories!! xo

  7. Happy Happy Birthday, Cruz!!! He's a lucky guy to have you as his mama :)

  8. Oooh, his little butt crack!! hehe So cute!!

    Happy Birthday, Lil Man! You are going to ROCK being 3!

  9. He is just the CUTEST! Happy birthday sweet boy!

  10. i am such a broken record, but he is SO dang cute!

  11. SOOOOO CUTE!! Happy Birthday to that adorable little boy!! Your decorations were super cute too.


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