Friday, November 7, 2014

My Favorite Beauty Products + the Sephora Sale!

Alright ladies, it's that time of year again. The Sephora VIB sale is going on RIGHT.NOW.

20% off every single thing on their website through Monday.

Not only that, but Ebates has 8% cash back for Sephora purchases. If you haven't used Ebates yet, you have to check it out. I'm not saying it will make you a millionaire, but if you are already shopping online, why not make some money doing it. Getting $50 or so from them every couple of months definitely doesn't suck.

Unfortunately I wasn't thinking and recently made a fairly large purchase of things I needed from Sephora about a month ago. There are always things we just "need" from Sephora, right?

Like this bottle of Elizabeth and James Black Nirvana that I treated myself to. In my defense, I needed a new fall/winter fragrance. And I had been eyeing this one for ages. It definitely didn't disappoint.

The good thing is that I can always take advantage of the sale and stock up, plus while I'm at it, I will probably snag some presents since I usually pick up a bottle of perfume for my mom and MILs for Christmas each year.

And with this being my favorite things on this fine Friday, I figured I would list my top five items from Sephora. I'm no beauty or make-up expert - not even close - but I have tried a bunch of different products over the years and these are some of the best.

I mean, in my opinion at least...

Sephora Mist Airbrush Foundation. I prefer lighter coverage than a true foundation and this does just that, plus it provides better coverage than some of the tinted moisturizers I've tried. And this brush works great to apply.

Dior Concealer. For some reason, I was blessed with adult zits and bags under my eyes. Awesome, right? Um, no. Not even a bit. However, this definitely conceals better than any I've tried and lasts through the day. Important when you're dealing with the two previously mentioned situations. 

Sephora Baked Bronzer Duo. I used to use another bronzer that I swore by, but the jerks who made it decided to discontinue it (it was even a drugstore brand!), so I was on the hunt for a long time for one that gave me a nice sun kissed glow without looking all "tan mom" and this one does just that. 

Nars Blush in Orgasm. I started using this blush a few years ago after hearing a bunch of my girlfriends rave about it and now I rave about it. I'm not big into pinks, so the fact that this is more of a peach hue is perfect for my skin tone.

St Tropez Sunless Mousse. Best sunless tan ever. Hands down and I've been through a TON since I decided to give up tanning beds quite some time ago. I have recommended this to friends, family, people on the street and I've yet to hear anyone who didn't agree. And you just as well get the applicator mitt while you're at it.

Here's the deal, I still will not even touch another mascara or eyeliner. I'm a Loreal girl through and through and haven't found anything else I like better for those two things....if only that was the case with all of my go-to products, right?

Check out my Pinterest board for more beauty product faves.

So now it's your turn, what are some of your favorite Sephora finds?

Oh and we are celebrating this handsome man's birthday today. I love this time of year, the six months he is the same age as me. What can I say? I'm a #craddlerobber =)

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  1. This is way more fancay than my list would be. Mainly Chapstick and anything one can find at Target. ;) Happy birthday to the husband!! And have a great weekend!

  2. Ugh the Sephora sale is killing me! So many amazing things I want but I'm trying to not spend in preparation for Christmas. Happy birthday to the hubby! Hope you have a great weekend!!

    <3, Pamela

  3. Love this!!! You got some great stuff and ebates is just the best!! Hope you have a blast celebrating your hubby's birthday!! xo

  4. Hmmmm..... I'm intrigued by the concealer. SAME stupid issues over here. Seriously. 34 year old zits are lame.
    I am still a tanning bed girl. I know I know I know.... But, sunless tanners never work for me. I end up streaky looking with a sock line. Hello fitness instructor problems. Think I should still give your fave product a try? Is St Tropez going to blow me away? Have fun celebrating your main squeeze's bday this weekend!

    1. I know this might sound crazy but try baby powder! I use self tanner pretty often & get weird sock lines after working out as well. But then I read in a magazine about using baby powder on areas that tend to "wear off" more when working out. It's not completely fool-proof but I think it helps with weird lines on your feet.

  5. Seriously, St. Tropez is theeee best thing ever! I swear by their face tanner, too! I'm trying to stay far, far away from this sale but I don't know if I can hold out much longer... some of the gift sets are just too tempting. Happy weekend and happy birthday to your man!!

  6. OK. I need to try this bronzer. Stat. I need a good one. :) I LOVE Benefit's cover up. It comes in a stick, and it's so fast to apply and it covers those stupid adult zits and under eye circles perfectly. NOT that I would know. :) Also - If you feel like cheating on your mascara, try Benefit's They're Real. AWESOME!!!!!!

  7. I used to LOVE Sephora but I really haven't shopped there in a long time! I definitely need to try out the St. Tropez self tanner though and this might be a good time to finally purchase it! Thanks for the heads up on the sale!

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  9. Just found your blog:-) So happy! I am a Sephora addict...:-/. xoShannon

    One Stylish Mom

  10. Loving this post- and love Sephora!! Great advice and def. Want to try the concealer… thank you for sharing!


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