Sunday, November 16, 2014

Weekending: It Was All About the Birthday Party

Tee (here)  //  Gap Jeans (here)
Yep, I still have my tin skull banner up... =)

Another great weekend in the books and this one was extra special because it was ALL about our Cruz man. Just like it should be.

We celebrated his actual birthday with a little Jason's Deli - we are big JD fans around here - and a trip to the toy store where we let C pick out a few gifts. It was one of the most amazing things watching him run through the store from toy to toy. Everything was, "mama, I just gotta have that!"

We settled on a Home Depot drill he had wanted (that or we continue to let him play with our real one and that doesn't seem smart), a Melissa & Doug fishing pole set (turns out it's kind of lame), a racetrack that looked awesome, but was waaaay too advanced (it was age 8+...and basically took up half of our living room so it will be going in the Toys for Tots bin) and this shark boat. We're talking about the boy who is deathly afraid of alligators and sharks...and he picks this out. And hasn't stopped playing with it since. 

I will never understand kids.

Thankfully grandma came to town to hang with little man while I put some of the finishing touches on the party. We had Cruz's room painted this week (more to come on that) and finally put up his Vintage Marquee Lights "C" (via Zulily and the sale on these ends tonight!). I am loving it.

I also took an old shirt he is about to grow out of and ironed on some letters so he had a "firefighter" shirt to wear to the party. I had been eyeing one on Etsy, but to have it personalized it would've cost me $30. This was $5. Even if it was close to being a midriff shirt because it was like a size 24 months. =)

Then I finished some decor in the basement, set up tables & chairs and started on the food. 

And there were these. 

Yep. We made matches with pretzels, almond bark and red sprinkles. It was a lot of time (hence, the mason jar with vino) but I love how they turned out.

We had loads of family and friends over for his firefighter birthday party. We have taken to making Cruz's birthday a great chance to celebrate not only little man, but also spend the day eating, drinking, watching football and just hanging out with all of the people we love most in the world. It's a win-win in my book. And this boy was in absolute heaven with everyone doting on him. He barely sat down once all day. There was just too much to do and too many people to play with.  And getting him to eat anything other than sweets? That wasn't happening.

Of course he was spoiled with all of the gifts..and now I'm certain we need to buy a bigger house to store them all. He got SO.MUCH.STUFF.  Tractors, cars, a bike, camera, trucks, racetracks, more tractors, Hunter boots (yep - he has a pair & I don't), legos, tools, sports stuff. You name it, I'm sure he got it. 

But good kids get good stuff, right? And he is such a good kid.

A little weird, but a good kid. =)

Him: Gap Jeans (here)  // Me: Shirt (here), Jeans (here), Yellow Fitbit band (here)
More about the party later. There are just too many fun details to share!

I swear I could've slept in until Tuesday. 

What is it about planning parties and playing hostess that is just so tiring?

My parents and bro/SIL & their kiddos stayed over, helped clean up and got breakfast for us in the morning. Now who's spoiled? And I got to snuggle with this this guy. Hudson is just the best little baby. Nick & I were asked to be his godparents and we couldn't be happier! I mean, seriously those cheeks and that little bald baby head. Love.

After everyone left, Cruz passed out for the majority of the afternoon which allowed me time to get groceries, clean up my closet (the little girls had too much fun trying on all of my shoes), made more chili and meatballs & marinara for my two guys to eat this week while I'm out of town and then it was all about catching up on some work, while Nick & Cruz watched football.

Now we are back to reality.. and the new week. Hoping it's just as good as the weekend!

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic weekend!!! I would have needed a whole box of wine if I had to make those matches. You are so creative!!!

  2. Happy birthday Cruz!! Love the firefighter theme! I hope a post is to follow showing all the party decoration details - so neat! And, awesome idea to iron-on letters for the back of C's shirt. Aden is wearing a ONE baseball tee to his party this weekend that cost me $30. Dang it! Iron-ons never even crossed my mind. Way to be thrifty, Mama.

  3. What a great weekend!! Cruz's birthday looks like it turned out amazing! The pretzel matches turned out great and so did his shirt...and everything else! :) Love your plaid shirt too! Hope you have a great week!

    <3, Pamela

  4. The party turned out amazing - and happy birthday to Cruz! I love all of the personal touches and details you included and his shirt turned out great! And that marquee sign is perfect - love it!

  5. AHHHH what a fun weekend for the birthday boy!! I seriously love the theme of his party and what a great touch with the "matches" from pretzels!! Good to know about that fishing pole - wont be getting it for my nephew!! So glad everything turned out perfectly!! Happy Monday!! xo

  6. You did a FABULOUS job on this firefighter party!! Cruz is one lucky little guy to have so many family and friends there to celebrate and love on him!!

  7. So, so, cute! Love the theme, you did a wonderful job! Those matches are amazing!

  8. What a fun birthday party! You did such a great job!

  9. The firefighter party looks awesome! The matchstick snacks are brilliant! I saw the pic of Cruz and Hudson on IG yesterday, and it totally melted my heart. So sweet!

  10. What an adorable birthday party. My mini is turning 1 in a week and I am so excited about her party!!!

  11. hiiiiiiiiiii! i loved all the party decor, the boxes with flame tissue paper!!! CUTE! and the matches, so fun & tasty i bet too!! non party related, i love your yellow fitbit band, i would LOVE to fund a royal blue band! OK.. so i may or may not spend the day reading posts and comment bombing! ;)

  12. Looks like everything turned out perfectly!! Looove the pretzel matches, so cute! Also obsessed with the C marqee light.. I need one of these in my house!!

  13. Found your blog on Martin Manifesto and stopped by. I love the marquis light in Cruz' room (and the rest of the bedding etc in there) Great work! Now come to my house and finish the rest of the rooms in MY house....pretty please??? :)

  14. Such a fun party theme!! And talk about a lucky boy getting Hunter boots!! Can you squeeze into 'em?!! ;) ;)

  15. What a fun party theme! LOVE the match stick pretzels that you made! The details were perfect. Looks like you guys had a great time. Cruz is one lucky guy! Happiest birthday little guy!

  16. Such a fun weekend!! Cruz looks like a little man in all of the pictures, he's getting so big!! I love his room too!!

  17. can't wait to hear more about the party! sounds like he had a nice birthday weekend. jason's deli is huge in this house too!

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