Thursday, August 22, 2013

Viva Las Work Trip

Well, hello there. It's been too long.

I'm just sobering up getting my life back on track after a whirlwind Las Vegas work trip. Right now I'm on a flight and just cruising over some canyon (if you can believe what the pilot is saying) en route for Omaha...and most importantly, to see my boys. I cannot wait to give Cruzer the biggest squeeze.

Side note: I'm pretty certain the girl next to me is severely hungover and looks to be barely making it through this little flight...let's hope she can make it to the bathroom on time should something come back up. Lord, she's already gotten up four times to use the restroom so far, not entirely sure what else could be going on.

Anyway back to Vegas...

Headed out for a marketing council meeting for our company and, while I won't bore you with those details, I have to say loads were accomplished in these past few days. You have to imagine when you get the entire corporate and property marketing leaders from the world's largest gaming company in one room that some pretty fantastic stuff is going to be cooked up.

Personally, I feel thankful to be a part of it AND thankful for all I got to experience outside of that meeting room.

The room - if you are staying at Flamingo, you must get a Go! room - far and away their best product. Although, on work trips of late, I find myself always getting put up there and really want to check out more of our hotel know for comparison and stuff. I mean, if they wanted to put me up at the new Nobu Tower at Caesars, I wouldn't complain.

(photo courtesy of Flamingo Las Vegas website)

The food - dinner at Center Cut Steakhouse at Flamingo, Carmine's Italian in the Forum Shoppes, Old Homestead Steakhouse at Caesars and a late night pizza run to the Pizza Joint after super long happy hour/mingling sesh at Toby Keith's. And one of the best burgers during lunch at KGB's at Harrah's. If you're in Vegas, check out Old Homestead - a bit pricey but one of the best places I've ever eaten...actually Nick and I were at the same restaurant at the Borgata in Atlantic City, but it didn't hold a candle to this one. Three words. Asiago bacon muffin. Delicious.

The shows - sadly I haven't been to too many shows in Vegas over the past many years I've visited. I'm not sure if it's the fact that I would rather spend my hours at the pool or face deep in cocktails - or better yet both at the same time - but they just haven't been a priority. However, when the tickets are free it would be just wrong not to take advantage. On Monday, I checked out a Love, the Beatles cirque show at Mirage and on Tuesday Absinthe at Caesars. If you want a recommendation on a bad ass show to take in on your next Vegas trip, Absinthe is far and away THE one to see. It's a mix of raunchy humor and old-time big top carnival and circus acts inside a cozy little tent outside Caesars Palace. But take this as your warning, it's not just a little raunchy-risque, it takes it to the next level and I was out-loud laughing the entire time.

Of course, last minute I realized that I hadn't picked up a little gift for Cruzer, so after our cocktail mix & mingle I high-tailed it to the Forum Shoppes. Of course, I stopped in H&M and found tons of great stuff that I wanted to try one, BUT this trip wasn't about me and I was able to pick some great items for little man. I found the cutest pair of jeans for him.  Black, slightly distressed and slim cut? Um, yes please!

And I may have picked up this little guy in the airport...I know airport toys are pathetic, but when you spent most of your trip eating and drinking, sometimes you have to get creative. And truth be told, our little airplane loving kid will go bonkers for this.

Now if you don't mind, I'm going to try and get some shut eye for the remainder of this flight...and dream about this little sweetheart.


  1. i have yet to visit vegas in this lifetime... maybe someday!

    1. YOU have to plan a trip - fortunately it's not too expensive to fly there and rooms can be cheap (if you pick the right weekend) because there are so many of them! It's a great site-seeing city and of course there is tons of fun as well.

      My sister actually hasn't been and I'm dying to get her there. Vegas is just one of those cities you have to visit.

    2. welll i think you and you sister should go when my hubby and i go in FEB!!!! yes!? hahaha i am looking into booking at the flamingo :)


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