Friday, August 16, 2013

Childcare Update

Last month, I talked about our childcare situation - or lack there of - here.

Since that post, we've had a couple big changes: 1) we said goodbye to our beloved nanny J and 2) Cruz started day care...yet again. Both days were full of tears and loads of heartache.

When we originally brought C to day care back in January 2012 - when he was 2 months old, mind you - I remember it being tough. It was tough for me as a mom having to get used to going back to work and not spending every hour of the day with him, as I had the prior two months on maternity leave. I was a bucket of tears for a good two weeks every day I had to drop him off.

But Cruz? He was fine - he didn't know any better. He was two months old, remember? All he was concerned with was when he would get his next bottle, getting his diaper changed when it needed it and having a place to sleep.

Last week, Cruz started a new day care in Millard. We had checked this one out before choosing Primrose the first time around because it was part of the Millard School system, but also the proximity couldn't be beat - it's literally three blocks from our house. At that time there were just no spots available, should we have chosen it.

On the first day, I had to wake our sleeping boy up (definitely hate doing this - note to self, get this boy to bed earlier at night!) and dressed him and we were out the door. I have to say that was much easier than our first day care experience because back then I had to wake up earlier to feed him before leaving the house and pack a bag with enough bottles, etc for him to make it through the day. Now as long as he's there by 8am, he gets breakfast, so we just need about 10 minutes. We wake up, I rock him for a bit while we talk about his day, change his diaper and clothes and we are off.

Here are a couple first day of school pics of our little man. Obviously poorly planned by me...and yes, in one he is standing in our bare flower pot in front of the trash can because, well, why not? Good planning, mom...


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    1. Thank you! He's doing so much better at daycare as well so that is a great thing!

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