Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Blog Love

My girl Heather from over at LIMB recently reached out to her peeps to find out what their daily must-reads are, so I thought it apt for me to do the same with my fave people who keep up with Cruz man and I over here.

So, I'm looking for some new blog reads.  I have tons of loves out there in blogland, but there is always room for more. If you would be so kind as to leave some recommendations over here in the comments, I would be forever in your debt....or would just be really super, duper thankful.

And on that, I leave you with this sweet little grin.

And this one. Yes, he's discovered his nipples....and asks to see everyone else's. I'm a bit nervous for the first time his daycare report out references him asking the little girls about theirs...or worse, the teachers.

And is it wrong to be jealous of your 1 1/2 year old's tan? Just look at his deep, dark farmer's tan!


  1. Cruzer is absolutely adorable!!
    The only blogs I follow are yours, Mrs. Morgan Gardner's, and The Daily Tay (which you already follow). Sorry I don't have any new ones for you :(

  2. Ha. I love that he discovered his nipples... Hopefully his curiosity about them doesn't cause any trouble :) and I would be jealous of your little man's tan too :)

    1. Well the first time he said it we laughed, so of course he always talks about them because it gets a rise out of people! :)

  3. hahaha Avrie has recently been pulling at my shirt collar and saying "whatcha got in der" sadly i have to tell her "not a whole lot!" hahahahhaa

    my FAV FAV blogs to read when i have time to catch up are
    Tami's @ http://www.littlemomentslikethis.com/
    Dawn's @ http://mom-a-logues.blogspot.com/
    Lo's @ http://www.jesseandlauren.com/

    (our course morgan's but you dont need me to tell you that!)

    1. Lol "whatcha got in there" love it!! :) Kids are so funny!

      Great recommendations - thanks for sending!! I will check them out this weekend...can't wait!

  4. Yes, finally getting around to reading blogs from last week. This whole "work" thing really is cramping my blogging style. My favorites...

    -Julie at pbfingers.com

    -Kristen at iowagirleats.com

    -Natasha at schuelove.com

    -Jess at blondeponytail.com

    Just to name a few off the top if my head. There are so many that I follow they IG or Bloglovin or both.

    1. Glad you're back to catching up...we've missed you around here!

      Ooh one I don't follow - I will check out Julie's blog. Thanks girl! (PS I figured we were following the same...we seem to have the same tastes in our daily reads)

  5. Your son is SO cute, love his hair!!
    I would love for you to check my blog out www.kidsandcabernet.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks for stopping by! swung by yours and started following. Definitely excited to learn more about you and the kiddos - they are way too cute!


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