Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rockin' Out Country Style

Twangy voices. Chicks in cowboy boots and cowboy hats. Warm summer heat. Ice cold vodka & club sodas. These are the makings of a great night at an outdoor country concert.

Last night we hit up the Rascal Flatts concert at Red Sky with friends. It was definitely a warm one, but after a few beers and cocktails, the heat didn't seem too bad. We started with dinner and drinks at Roja, then to Blatt Bar for drinks and cool air before heading to TD Ameritrade Park to watch the show.

This show brings me back to the first time I saw Rascal Flatts in Lincoln and it must've been in 2006 or so. I remember it because at the time "Bless This Broken Road" was 'our song' - (wasn't it everyone's??) - and for some ridiculous reason I thought the hubby might pop the question that night. (What was I thinking??? At a concert, really?) And then 'our song' came on and he was on the phone with a friend during the whole thing!! I remember thinking, "are you kidding me??"

Thankfully, he didn't propose that night and waited to do so on our solo vacay to Cabo two years later. The funny thing is he didn't know anything about my psycho proposal wishes from that first Rascal concert until last night...when I told him...and he thought I was really weird.

Air conditioning at Blatt Bar w/ these pretty ladies
(Yes, Laura and I are wearing the same shirt - how ironic!)

A much needed night out with the hubby

Mango and soon-to-be Mango in September!

Fun group. Great night.

Rockin' out
We came home to two very tired grandparents - I think little man wore them out! Cruzer woke up at that point so we were able to see him before he went to bed and he was loving just lounging on his Nanu while all of us were catching up on our night. He ended up waking up again at 3am (not good for my mini-hangover) and yet again at 5am. He really didn't want his mama to get her much needed shut eye!

It's nights like these when I'm thankful we live so close to family and have such an amazing group of friends.  We are very, very blessed.

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  1. love cabo! my hubby and i were married there in 2010 :)


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