Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I really hate watching the news.

No, I'm not opposed to learning about the word we live in...it's just that the news is so darn sad and upsetting that it often makes it hard to watch. However, in light of the verdict in the Jerry Sandusky case recently as well as the updated news regarding Joe Paterno's role in the case, it actually brings me to a happy place.

Yes, I'm extremely happy that Sandusky is guilty, but that's not the happy place I'm referring to.

The Sandusky scandal was brought to light in November 2011...and everything about the case and that man sickens me and it makes me furious as to what he got away with for so long. However, what makes me happy took place on Saturday, November 12th.

It was the day the Nebraska Cornhuskers played Penn State. The hubby and I were home watching football that day - I was upstairs making game day snacks and he was in the basement watching three or four college football games at a time, if I had to guess. I was flipping between the Hawkeye game and the Nebraska/Penn State game when right before kick-off all members from both teams were out in the middle of the field on bended knee saying a prayer. The entire Penn State community had had a very rough week. People were warning Cornhusker fans not to attend the game, but if they did not to wear red...but they came anyway.  To see Nebraska take such a high road and grieve with the Penn State team members says a lot about the university, it's students and the state of Nebraska. I was immediately overcome by tears and proud of the state we live in.

This picture makes me tear up almost immediately.
Very touching with all of the players mixed together

A few short hours after witnessing this touching moment, my water broke. I waddled down to tell the hubby that I needed to interrupt his football watching. We packed ourselves up and headed to the hospital where 10 short hours later our baby boy was born.

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