Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sick, Sick & More Sick

Little man is sick yet again. So rewind to three weeks ago when we got back from our Vegas/Denver debacle (by debacle I mean crazy, drinking vacay) and the day we came back we found out he had RSV/bronchialitis again. He.Got.Better.  Flash forward a week, RSV is gone but has turned into sinus and ear infection. He.Got.Better.

Flash forward even further, this past Sunday he was poopy (awesome), drooly, runny nose, but still a happy, normal boy. But I thought he may actually be starting to teeth...I mean every time he drools someone points out that he must be teething and nope. No teeth.

We put him to bed and he woke up for two hours bawling like mad. And since we didn't see an end in sight from him being up every 30 minutes and coughing like crazy, we finally put him in his pompesan chair on our bed, in between us. The entire night he went between coughing like crazy and fussing so nobody slept.

Early Monday morning I called the doctor and when we brought him in, she told us he had a double ear infection (his 5th), RSV (4th time) and Croup (2nd time). At this point they are concerned. One - we are going to get tubes put in once he kicks the ear infection. Two - why does he continue to get sick whether it be RSV or Croup or just that dang cough? She scheduled us to go get a chest x-ray that day, just to make sure there were no congenital issues (3 hours later...and one long hour wait after the x-ray there wasn't...thank goodness). We also talked about potential allergies. Do allergies run in his family? Mama: "no."  Daddy: "yes. big time." Do you have pets? "Yep."

Our options at this point are to have an Allergist check little man out or do a blood test to see if we can confirm he may have some common allergies which could be causing the recurring cough, congestion, you name it. And potentially will let us know if it could be pet allergies.

In 10 days, when hopefully his RSV and Croup should have subsided, we will go in for a check up with our Pedi and then find out more. Please hope for the best and say some prayers for Little Mango and our resident pooch, Maya.

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