Wednesday, April 13, 2011

7 Weeks: What's New...

Due Date:  November 27th!

Baby Developments: Baby is the size of a blueberry this week and his/her brain is developing. Arms & legs are emerging as joints form and a permanent set of kidneys is now in place (all of the development is so exciting)!

Cravings: Definitely craving sweets, warm pretzels & cheese and black cherry Icees.

Aversions: My favorite food is Chik-fil-A chicken nuggets, so my mom brought some up a couple weekends ago & as soon as I smelled them I got nauseous!! This.can'

Symptoms: Nausea. No vomiting (thank the Lord), but at least once a day I'm nauseous. I guess it could be worse.

I am loving: Letting our family in on the secret! We know it's early, but we also are just too excited to share the news! All of our immediate family has been let in on the secret and a handful of really close friends. We have sworn them to secrecy and now plan on waiting until the normal 12 weeks to tell everyone else the good news!

Sleep:  I've been very tired, even more than usual. I've been heading to bed a couple hours earlier than normal around 9:30pm or 10pm and snoozing through my alarm until about 7am. Definitely not normal for me.

I miss: Surprisingly I don't miss alcohol, soda or Starbucks as much as I thought I would....especially since I was so addicted to caffiene and pretty much partied at minimum two days a week in my old life.  I did miss these things initially, especially Diet Pepsi & Diet Mt. Dew, but the caffiene headaches have subsided and all is good. Black cherry Icees have become my new obsession! The one thing I do crave now and again is a glass of champagne....mmm...

I am looking forward to:  the next couple of months, especially finding out what we are having! I went shopping with my mom and sisters this past weekend and really wanted to buy clothes for this little one! I did make a couple of purchases - a onesie from Cafe Press and a set of Carter's sleepers in gender neutral colors. Oh Lord is Nick in for a rude awakening when we find out and I can REALLY shop for him/her!

Cafe Press - "You stack blocks. I stack chips." onesie.

Carter's Gray Stripe & Stars Sleepers & Hats

I'm spazzing about: Whether or not I'm doing things right. I want to make sure that I'm eating right, exercising enough/but not too much, getting enough rest....just doing everything right to ensure Little Mango is as healthy as he/she can be.

Best moment this week: It's still so early so sharing in the excitement of our family & friends once they find out has been priceless!

Movement: None yet...

It's a...: Way too early, but can't wait to find out!

Exercise: I've slowed down, however, my goal is to run Lake Zorinsky (5 miles) at least 3 times/week during my pregnancy. The last couple of times I've ran I've gotten winded really easy & had to walk a bit. I hope this will improve, but I'm not very optimistic.  I also started Jillian Michaels yoga on off days and it's tough! I'm going to talk with my doctor on Monday to make sure I'm not over-doing it. Just to be safe.

Diet: Not good...I've been eating what I've been craving and it definitely hasn't been healthy. I really need to eat better in the upcoming weeks.

Goals for the upcoming week: Exercise more consistently and eat better. I also need to contact our insurance to get the specifics on maternity leave, etc. I haven't done my digging yet and really need to get it figured out!

Belly Shot:

First Belly Shot

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