Thursday, March 31, 2011

Disappointment with my doctor...

To back track a little bit....after finding out late on Sunday March 20th that we're pregnant, I immediately told Nick so we could celebrate together. Ideally I would've planned a cute way to tell him, but to be honest I've taken so many (negative) tests and really didn't anticipate this one to be positive, so I wasn't prepared! So I ran out into the bedroom flashing the positive test.. Needless to say he was extremely shocked but really excited. We spent the next couple of hours talking about how much this is going to change our a very, very good way.

The next morning I woke up early to call my OB-GYN's office and set up the initial appointment, but much to my dismay, they told me they wouldn't schedule until I was at 8 weeks. 8 weeks?!?!? I jumped online to check if this is normal (your doctor really doesn't see you until 8 weeks?) and yup, it sure is.....I was definitely disappointed, but scheduled my appointment for April 18th when I should be around 8 weeks along.

I spent the rest of the day running errands and checking out my options at the bookstore to read up on my pregnancy and this little one in my belly....I bought "What to Expect When You're Expecting," "What to Eat When You're Expecting" and "Skinny Bitch: Bun in the Oven." I also jumped on Amazon and bought some pregnancy books for Nick...he's much better with the medical stuff, so I figure he can read about everything and give me the cliff notes version later.

I was dying to tell someone (Tessa, mom, anyone) because I've never been good at keeping secrets, let alone such important, exciting news but I held off....I'm going to come up with a fun way to tell them, and soon. I don't know how much longer I can take them asking me how "trying for baby" is going.

Saturday night brought along the Kenny Chesney concert...we had been planning on going with our regular "Kenny group" for a while now and were so excited to see him perform again...the biggest challenge ahead of us would be an explanation as to why I'm not drinking. I decided that I'm not a good enough liar to fake being sick, so instead I brought along some soda water and limes (normally to mix with my favorite Ketel One vodka) and secretly made non-alcoholic drinks at the house and on the bus ride to the show. We had such an amazing time and I'm sure no one was none the wiser. As much as I missed drinking with them all night, I definitely didn't miss the hangover the next morning. I think I could get used to this...

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