Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend In Pictures

Another great weekend in the books. I am loving this weather and all the fun activities going on in the city. Here is a little snapshot of our weekend.

Morgan & I met up after work for a some outdoor spinning at Village Pointe.  Beautiful weather and people watching, plus it was right outside the Bravo Italian patio, so we had a captive audience. I have to say there were times I would've traded places with them to be enjoying some breadsticks and vino.

After I got home it was time to play, so little man and I made a fort. We spent a good hour in there laying on our pillows reading books and spelling our names in the air with different colored glow sticks.

Cruz's newest online shopping purchase had arrived the night before, so we had to model his new dinosaur slippers. I love getting new pieces of his fall wardrobe almost daily in the mail. Can you say online shopping addiction?

While he napped, I finally put up our wall collage. Two of the frames house Halloween prints & one his Halloween costume from last year - I will swap these out with each season. Nick calls this our Cruz shrine, but who else would I rather stare at on our walls?

My parents came to town for a couple hours that afternoon, so Cruz and I met them at the St. Patrick's school carnival. He loved it because he got to play games, bounce it out and see Papa, Grandma Dianne and the Lynch's. 

Later that night, we had a big 60th surprise party for Nanu. Suffice it to say he was surprised when he showed up to a basement full of his friends and family. 

The birthday boy and the brothers.  A handsome group if I do say so myself. (Being that I'm married to one, I should say that!)

This mama is not cut out for partying like she used to.

We woke up bright and early and headed to the Henry Doorly Zoo for the Zoo Run. It was a gorgeous fall morning and the backdrop made for a great run.

Afterwards we took in some of the sights. Cruz was obsessed with this gorilla who followed him everywhere.

Cruz also seemed to pick up a new phrase this weekend...."how yoouu doin'?" he will ask. We may watch a few too many Friends reruns around here.

We had a really great weekend. How about you?



  1. Pretty gallery wall and those dinosaur slippers are too cute! Glad you had a great weekend!!

  2. Another fun weekend!!! Love the fort, I always told myself I would build forts, climb trees and play in the mud with my kids! Yay for little boys.

  3. Spinning on a bike as opposed to sitting in an Italian restaurant is an act of willpower! And so many brothers!

  4. Some had a very fun filled and active weekend! I cannot believe you guys had an outdoor spin class!!! freaking brilliant. I love it.

  5. Fun weekend!! I don't think any of can party like we used to! I am always in bed by 11, even if we are out with friends....what happened to the old me? Haha...actually, I LOVE my life now. I wouldn't trade my 6am wake up calls for anything!!

  6. the cruz's reflection is the window while looking at the gorilla! haha

    fun wknd!


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