Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Newest Baby

The newest batch of man candy has just entered the world. Handsome, little Cole Michael Gardner arrived Tuesday, June 18, a day before he was scheduled and we couldn't have been happier to meet him!  I am one proud auntie and Cruz has a built in bestie all in one day.

Alerted by a text at the wee hour of 5am on Tuesday morning from Morgan stating, "who wants a nephew today?? Well, ready or not! We may be delivering in the next hour!"  Regardless of the fact that I was uber impressed to be having a full blown convo with her while in labor, she then breaks in and states, "heading into delivery in 5." (aka 5 minutes) Girl...get off the phone and go give me another nephew!

Well, Cole made his way into our lives at 6:06am that morning, weighing 6lbs even and 19.5in long. And He.Is.Adorable.

Cruz & Rocky waiting patiently for their newest friend.
This definitely isn't going to help me hold off his interest in knocking me up
The hunks of the 90s...introducing the studs of the 21st century
 Congrats Ross & Morgan...we are so proud of you both and love our newest little man!


  1. I am reading this as I pump(no...seriously). And it brought tears to my eyes remembering that amazing day!!! And look at those proud papa's, so cute.

    1. I didn't pump, but I remember the days of reading blogs and books while I fed him all through the night. I miss those days. :)

      You should be proud of that birth isn't easy and you made it look good! Keep loving up on that baby for me!

  2. i love this! i am now following morgan on IG so that i can see more pictures of this little darling! so so cute! congrats auntie!


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