Monday, June 17, 2013

19 Months Old!

Happy 19 months, little superhero!

What's new with Cruz...

Words - this kiddo is talking up a storm! I can hardly remember all of the new words he is saying all the time...but I'm going to try. My absolute fave has been during our mornings together - tah-kee (or coffee for us laymen) - as soon as we pull up to the Keurig he is shouting it out! "Mama tah-kee?! Cruz meelt?"

A few others:  choco meelt (milk), Mai (Maya our puggle), boo boo, bat, heet (hit), choo choo, baby (to every kid passing by), side (slide), oh man, ou-sigh (spending a tons of time outdoors these days), poo poo/pee pee (generally in the correct context), swing, airplane, helicopter, ice cream, book. Seriously, he just picks up words we say and seems to easily learn how to use them correctly. He has also started catching onto Nick and I using our real names and tends to sneak them in when he wants our attention extra bad.

Sentences - or at least more advanced words/phrases. Nanny J has taught him "Ready! Set! Go!" and he also has his own take on it with "Here. We. Gooooo!" Then, the other day we were looking for his crayons and he digs them out of the toy box and says, "found it, mama!" I had never heard him say 'found it' before but then he was using it correctly. Dang smart, my boy. We will also get a "yet's go buh-bye, mama" or

No - now this is a word that can leave his vocabulary...immediately. Not sure where he learned it I guess I know where he picked it up, but I'm not happy about it. I miss the days when everything was 'yeah.' Not only the "no" but he also has gained a bit of a strong personality, err attitude, to go along with it. That can also leave.

Colors - not only does he love coloring, but he loves talking about colors. Some days he's on, others he's not. Lately he will always start with everything being "lellow" and then "boo."  After he thinks about it he can figure out if it's red or green.

Counting - I'm not exactly sure how much counting a 19 month old should know, but I think ten is a bit of a stretch. Seriously, the day I came home to hear that he had learned to count was one of my proudest as a mother. He needs some help, but when he shouted "tiin" I just melted. Smarty pants.

Food - overall he is still a rock star eater, but I notice he's getting more of an opinion about what he will put in his mouth. Fruit continues to be a fave, as well as cheese (uh, duh), yogurt, eggs, peas, cheeseburgers. He just gets picky when he doesn't have something to dip everything in...

Not really an eating pic BUT it involves food.
(He just loves pulling food off the shelves, lining it up on the floor...
and then leaving it there for me to pick up.)

Toys - I have to say that the barn and by far the tractors that he inherited (thank you!) from the Lynch's are his most fave toys ever to date. They go everywhere with him - J even has to take them to the park and if we even think about playing outside they are coming with us.He also loves baseballs, bats, and anything he can push and pull.

I'm sure I'm missing something, but this little dude is so amazingly fantastic. I can't wait to see what another month has in store for us.

 Hugs n' kisses, monkey!


  1. so cute! avrie also says out names here and there. last week i picked her up from daycare and she said "where's aaron" i asked her to repeat it and said "avrie, who's aaron?" she says... mommy, thats daddy." DUH!

    kids. just LOVE them!

    1. They are super cute! Just love the things they pick up on and repeat back to us!


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