Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Funniest Little Dude

I cannot express just how amazing this time in our lives has been for us.  I am extremely proud every single day at the little man Cruz has become and truly enjoy every single second I get with him. Not that I didn't before this, but as I've said (and you've read plenty) we had a tough go of it back in his daycare days with him being sick literally All.The.Time. And that time for us? It sucked. Big time. We were all tired and cranky and sad he was sick and just over it.

Now? He is awesome! I find myself trying to make any excuse to get home to him as soon as I can, just to spend more time with him.

And the boy is funny. His facial expressions are hilarious and it's amazing watching him take in everything we say, do and he sees to make sense of it.

Here are a couple of the new things he's been doing:
  • I suppose since we can't really give C a baby doll (let me just say I would if Nick would let me) and let him show off his "motherly" skills, he has taken it upon himself to treat his stuffed animals as babies. At any given time you can find him kisisng them, feeding them from his treat cup and giving them drinks from his sippy. And, of course, has to shout out, "mama look!" each and every time.
  • I'm not sure if J has taught him this, but he has been great at saying "thank you" whenever we give him anything. Food, treats, sippys, colors, medicine....you name it and he's thankful. I love the polite skills he's showing off these days. And if it was something really good....he says it and signs it!
  • And sneezing? Whether it's him or us, he shouts "bess you" when we sneeze. I feel this makes up for all the Sundays we've missed at church.
  • He's started calling his dada, "Nick" when he hears me say it. I tell you this really frustrates the hubs, but I think it's hilarious...and may encourage it.  He says, "Nick, look!" and I can see the steam rolling out of dada's ears as he corrects him.

Let's just say, we've entered what has by far been the BEST time in our little man's life. I love spending each and every moment with him, just taking in what comes out of his mouth next.

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