Sunday, February 15, 2015

Our Weekend

We hope you all had a great weekend and a Happy Valentine's Day. Ours was definitely fantastic around here.

I had been away all week for work and had to miss Cruz's party at school, but fortunately grandma Carol had the day off and went so he wasn't that poor little kiddo with no family. Thank the lord. And not only that but when I got home from work, she was in the kitchen whipping up some of her amazing lasagna...for us, mind you....and then, AND THEN, told Nick and I that she was going to watch C so we could go out.

We seriously have the best family.

So, we didn't hesitate and headed out to Sake Bombers for a late dinner of sushi and sake and then over to Parliment where we sat and had Coronas and played Gender Bender.

Do anyone else love to play the MegaTouch machine while drinking at a bar? No...just me? It's seriously one of my fave things ever.

On Saturday, I had a shopping date with this cute little guy, while we ran out to pick up some shoes for Nick. Of course hitting up the mall always means we hit up Auntie Annie's for a pretzel and cheese. And I finally checked out Omaha's new H&M. Surprising that I hadn't ventured over to it until now, but it was worth it. For Cruz, that is. The kid got so much as per the norm. Just a few of my faves - these undies and this tee. I also picked up the cardigan I wore in the pics below and absolutely loved it, especially since it was under $20 (of course, I can't find it in their online store).

We had gotten a last minute invite from Nick's brother to go to Champion's country club for dinner and drinks for the parents and playtime for the kiddos. I'm not lying when I say playtime. It was a room full of bounce houses, a DJ, mac n cheese, face painting, super heroes and princesses and it was made very clear that parents weren't allowed. It was genius, actually. And so much fun.

Being that we woke up - the three of us, mind you - on Tony and Marcy's couch the next morning, that meant our Sunday was made for laying around watching Box Trolls and quietly playing. If you know what I mean. I did manage to make this tomato tortellini soup for us (thanks Heather!) and it was pretty great.

I will leave you with this little babe, he was quite certainly my favorite Valentine.

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  1. OH my goodness that shirt is too fantastic. So sweet!

    That party looks fabulous, I'd love it as a grownup or a kid!

    Glad you had a good weekend! xoxo

  2. What a great weekend!! And yay for grandmas and the hook-ups!!!

  3. Could Cruz be any cuter?!? Ridiculous! Glad you guys had a good weekend and you got some alone time! How awesome is your family?! And that dinner, drinks and playtime thing sounds like it was fun! Hope you have a great week girl!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. Girl you guys are party animals - that sounds like quite the Saturday night!!! I seriously can't get enough of your little man - he's the cutest!!! I love that sweater you wore on Saturday night - deets please!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  5. Waking up on someone else's couch... A little quiet playing... I am picking up what you are putting down. ha. Sounds like a super weekend!

  6. He is so cute!! That shirt makes me smile :) Happy Monday!!! Chelsea @

  7. That shirt is too cute! And yessss to megatouch it's been too long since I've played.

  8. So fun! Sounds like you guys had the best weekend! YAY for Grandma to the rescue!

  9. Love all the pics...and Cruz is seriously too much...I mean absolutely A-DOR-able. And the playtime at the country club while the parents had dinner and drinks??? That was pure genius...hopefully they'll offer that on a regular basis! :)

  10. hi!!!! popping in to read a few posts, i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your new blog look- its awesome!!! :) as usual cruz is the most adorable little boy ever! i loved his vday party tee and lucky for a date night- at saki bombers, i've totally been there! ;) HEY HEY HEY.... when are you going to be in MN again, soonish, marchish??


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