Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Potty Training 101

Ok, seriously, this title is a joke.

I'm the last person to take potty training lessons from.

Remember when I thought we had it all down with the nanny? {here}


And then earlier this year I gave it another shot thinking if I bribed him with M&Ms and being able to wear big boy undies that he would just figure it out? {here}

Double ha!

And even better when he blatantly peed his big boy undies, slipped and fell right into it?  {here}

There was even a point when I felt all good inside after he would go in the potty and people were so impressed that he was so little and already potty training. I was kind of smug proud that we had it down.

Seriously, rude awakening.

As of right now, he has the upper hand and basically has proven that he will not tell us when he has to go. Or better yet he waits until he's gone and then tells us. Like he's mocking our little plan to get him potty trained.

Is it that bad if my kiddo goes to Kindergarten in diapers?  At this point I'm not sure I care.

Ok it's not that bad.

We are now approaching round #26 of this little venture and, while I'm not convinced I have it figured out, I sure hope we do.

I made this fancy little chart.

Bought some totally rad stickers.

Had him pick out a super cool toy at the store....that I bribed him with.

And now we have reviewed the plan over and over and over.

Basically it goes like this:

He tells us when he has to go pee pee or poo poo.

We hurriedly remove the dipe and set him on the big boy potty.

When he goes, he gets to take a sticker and put it on his chart.

After 10 stickers, he gets the big boat.

Since then? He has asked me no fewer than 212 times if he can get put a sticker on the chart or play with his Jake boat.

And all I've gotten is a lot of this.

With no action in the potty as of yet.


I have a feeling this is going to be a looooong process.

Anyone have any pointers? I will listen to - and try - just about anything at this point...

Because I really don't want my kid walking into kindergarten with a diaper sticking out of the top of his jeans....

Linking up with Ashley and Jess. Because potty training is just one of those little things that we get to experience with these kiddos of ours.

And Kristin for her Baby Talk series.


  1. Oh I've been there girl. I tried numerous times over what felt like years to get Letty to go. She was almost three till it finally took and what I did is lock us in the kitchen and she wore nothing but underpants. She messed herself about four times in a row until she hated it. I tried reverse psychology. Bribery. Threats. But the winner was she could have a sleepover if she went on the potty. That and not wanting to get her belle panties dirty.

  2. lmao! He is a smart one that's for sure! Kids, I'm sure I can outsmart them. There should be training BEFORE I get pregnant to tell me if I can handle these scenarios or not.

  3. this is hilarious! not a mother yet, and agree need the before pregnant training for these things! haha

  4. My first and second child was super easy to potty train. This third one is gonna give me a run for my money. Hope the stickers and boat works out for you all!

  5. I always had a container of skittles next to the potty with my girls and they got to have one if they went pee and an oreo cookie if they went #2! I also gave them lots of books to look at and encouraged them to take their time and just relax..eventually they would go and be so proud of themselves!

  6. This post cracked me up! I think that's a great plan! Following along for any pointers - I'll be there before I know it!

  7. I have three girls, and potty training time fell in the summer months. I got rid of all diapers, only wore panties or nothing underneath dresses. After the 2nd or 3rd time of pee running down their legs, they caught on real quick. Don't use pull-ups, either. It just elongates the whole process. Good luck!

  8. Ugh! I haven't even stated yet. I keep asking my almost 2 year old if she needs to go and she doesn't even answer.

  9. you are doing everything perfectly fine!! he's smarter than the potty and just wants that toy! avrie takes her sweet little time on the potty and we found that playing makeup or reading books worked the best for her :)

  10. My nephew is on the same refusal streak..and it's so gross. I told my poor sister that at 40 she should not be changing diapers anymore :)

  11. Oh girl! I have NO advice on this! Oh wait. Maybe I do. I told my husband that it was HIS responsibility to teach Mason to be potty trained! I have NO idea how to potty train a boy! So my advice : make the husband do it! LOL

  12. As soon as you get this figured out please email me because I am hurting on it bad! It was super easy with a girl but with a boy... basically he will go to college in diapers at this rate. Ugh!

  13. just keep with it, be consistent, and it will happen. promise! and best of luck!

  14. Its been 20 days. Is he potty trained yet? Kidding! No but 3.5 year old son will pee in his underwear he doesn't even care if its ALL over him! He will also fill his dipe up so much that he doesn't care if he sits in that either!!! I'm SO sick of changing man dumps...that's what really gets me!


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