Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Our Weekend

Our weekend was slightly uneventful, mostly because I worked most of it putting together a last minute presentation for work. Well - scratch that - two presentations.

So since we didn't have a ton going on, I thought....why not throw out some randoms from the last couple of days. Good? Good.

The weekend started on a great note. I booked myself a 9pm massage on Thursday night and boy was it much needed. I will tell you one thing. Businesses that have accessible hours are the best. I ended up working late that night and went straight there, however, how easy would it be for a working parent or a stay at home one to make a 9pm appointment, while still getting to put their kiddo to bed beforehand? Genius.

On Friday, we had already planned to go out and had a new sitter lined up. Dinner and the comedy club was fantastic, but even better Nick's cousin watched Cruz for the first time and did so great. I'm hoping we've found ourselves a someone to watch little man.

I spent basically the entire weekend wearing this jacket.  And I'm loving it. I don't often buy Lulu, but when I do, I buy jackets.

There you have it. Headed to KC tomorrow for the week. Thankfully my parents were able to take Cruz man to the farm this week, so I know he's having the best time while I'm gone.

And being that it is my little bro's two year anniversary, here is a little look back at his wedding weekend back home. Seriously, I love my siblings. We may have had a little fun. And Tess and I may have spent a little time in the tanning bed....don't judge.

And just look at little Cruz! He had just learned to really walk the week before the wedding. Awww... =)

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  1. Ohh so jealous of your massage on Thurs! I need to get one soon... It's been over a year since i got one! And little Cruz.. OMG! He's so stinkin adorable! Enjoy KC girl!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. There are very few things better than a massage after work!
    Cruz....wow, he's just sooooooo cute!! I hope your week in KC goes well and so do the presentations!

  3. One well dressed little boy even then! I love that stage when they first walk. Gah it's the best. And yay massage! You deserve it!

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  5. Dinner and comedy is like the ultimate date night!! I seriously love going to see comedians!! And I am in serious need of a massage - taking a cue from you and booking one soon! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  6. How awesome is a 9pm massage? You leave and then get to go home to bed, GENIUS!!!

    Those wedding pictures are sooooo cute and Cruz, I mean such an adorable lil man. :)

  7. Little baby Cruz is such a cutie! So is big boy Cruz :)

  8. 9am massage... genius! I don't know if anywhere around here has that time slot but how great is that. Relaxation to the max and then bed time. Sounds like perfection to me!

  9. And if we're being honest, Chris obviously hit up the bed as well...

  10. I want a massage like real bad! Glad you got some relaxing in! :)


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